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Biosynthesis [Biosynteesi] is a series of symposia initiated in 1995 at the University of Helsinki with the aim of giving a multidisciplinary insight into foundational questions related to nature, life and humanity. The series began with the need to create a dialogue between the “two cultures” in biology, namely science as ecology and evolutionary biology on the one hand, and science as molecular biology and biomedical research on the other. However, it was soon realised that tackling issues surrounding the relationship of biology to various other disciplines, and the cultural and social sciences in particular, would require an even wider multidisciplinary approach. Following this ideal, the symposia now bring together a wide range of different scientists, students and members of the general public to discuss various biologically inspired themes in a genuinely multidisciplinary spirit.

2015 marked the 20th anniversary of Biosynthesis. During these twenty years symposia with a number of intriguing multidisciplinary themes have been organised, such as Biology and Language (1996), Consciousness (1998), Time and Life (2002), The Boundary Conditions of Life (2003), Emotions (2009) and Sex and Death (2013). In 2015 the theme of Biosynthesis was The Biological Image of Man. The symposium was organised as a three day event, from Wednesday 6th May to Friday 8th May, and it was part of the jubilee programme of The University of Helsinki 375th anniversary. Watch lectures from the anniversary symposium on the Biosynthesis YouTube channel >>

The keynote speaker for the 20th anniversary of Biosynthesis was Prof. Richard Leakey, who delivered the Yrjö Reenpää honorary lecture, “50 years of African origins as both researcher and observer”, on Wednesday 6th May in The Great Hall of The University of Helsinki. Watch the lecture on the Biosynthesis YouTube channel >>

In 2017 the theme of Biosynthesis is Health and Disease. The symposium will take place on 11-12 May in the Viikki campus, University of Helsinki. Biosynthesis XIV: Health and Disease – Ecological, Evolutionary and Societal Perspectives programme >>

Biosynthesis is free and open to the public. Most of the lectures are in Finnish.

For further information please contact the organising committee >>